The Fisher Agency specialises in design, branding, advertising, strategy, digital marketing and “abstract” cappuccino art. If the service you require is not on our list, ask us about it – as long as it doesn’t involve banjo skills or intense hand-eye coordination, we might just surprise you.

If our designers go without coffee for too long, they morph into batfish.

While their design skills remain on point, we haven’t quite figured out
how to operate a Mac under water.





We like to associate ourselves with awesome people – people like you!

Here are just some of the many brands we call "family":








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We are constantly in pursuit of creative excellence.

Whether we’re designing an annual report, creating an animation, writing a script, designing a website or making scrambled eggs, we don’t do anything in half measures. At the end of the day we pride ourselves on producing top-notch work that ticks all the right boxes and truly speaks to the consumer.