Carin Rankin-Fisher
29 Feb 2016
Christie Hill
1 Mar 2016

Matt van Onselen

Head of UX/Digital

With over a decade’s experience in digital, design, strategic thinking and marketing, digital maverick Matt has blazed trails in virtually every industry and sector under the sun. From publishing, retail and e-commerce, to digital development, multimedia production and more – in fact, there’s very little he cannot do… except maybe for staying away from other people’s dogs.

Over the years he’s worked on a number of highly reputable local and international brands. His résumé boasts titles like senior digital designer and creative director, and in 2017 he was appointed as the Head of Design at one of South Africa’s biggest e-commerce companies, Takealot.

When asked where he’d live if he could live anywhere in the world, Matt answered Ōkunoshima (Google it) and, unlike most of us, actually took the time to find the little stripy O amidst the sea of symbols. This is a testament to his perseverance, incredibly fine eye for detail, and the fact that he knows his O’s from his Ō’s.