Markus Davies
16 Apr 2018

Louwna van Vuuren

Graphic Designer

Louwna is our resident “pink flamingo” – a real sweetie pie with an infectious enthusiasm for life and an aversion to non-alcoholic gin (which might explain some of that chirpiness… hmmm).

After obtaining her BA Graphic Design from the North-West University in Potchefstroom, Louwna trekked down to Cape Town – sure, it’s no Greece, but certainly a close second or third on her list of places to live. After a stint as Junior Designer at Matt Advertising, she hopped, skipped and jumped over to the Fisher Agency, where she’s been designing her heart out ever since.

As she so often reminds us, “when you can’t find the sunshine, BE the sunshine”, and we must admit that it’s almost impossible to imagine a studio sans a bit of Louwna-shine. Then again, a warning to all: No matter how chipper she looks, ALWAYS give her a wide berth before she’s had her fix of morning coffee.