10 Feb 2016
Carin Rankin-Fisher
29 Feb 2016

Jonathan Fisher

Managing Director

Jonathan is not your average Marketing Joe. He obtained his first design diploma at the Damelin in Pretoria, and went on to add a Communications Degree (UNISA) and a Certificate in Finance (UCT) to his name, to name but a few… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Recognising his impressive strategic skills and potential, Triple CCC Advertising (later rebranded to Blackmoon in 2004) snatched him up fresh out of university in 2000 – and within the short space of 2 years he was promoted to studio manager. In 2006 he bought out 75% of Blackmoon along with two of his creative sidekicks, quadrupling the turnover in 4 years.

Also, Jonathan doesn’t trust a person who drives with a hat, so bear that in mind next time you drive by the office.